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Fall Chumash league

Chumash league with a double-elimination tournament in the last week.

  • Week 1 learn the game, 
  • Week 2 through Week 6 Pool play, 
  • Week 7 Tournament. 

Start and end Dates TBD

  • ​Off September 1 week for Labor Day.

Towers Field West Fargo. 


  • Boys 10U, 12U, 14U, 18U/Varsity
  • Girls 12u, Varsity
  • based on the 2020-2021 USA Lacrosse year.

Individual registration and teams will be assigned randomly with a review for the teams for equality. 

Full gender-appropriate gear required, (Hockey helmets are ok)

See more on the game here:

More Info on Chumash

Two teams of three players each play the game. Each team may have up to 2 additional players (5 total) as substitutes.  Players are not allowed to use long or goalie sticks. Short sticks must be the legal length for division (40-42”, 38” minimum for Juniors).  A single goal will be set up in the middle of the field. The objective is for each team to score on its respective side of the goal. Goals are unprotected, with no goalie, keeping the speed and intensity of the game very high. THE GOAL The single, two-sided goal in the middle of the field is 6 feet high by 1 foot wide. A goal is scored when the ball hits the net or when the ball hits two posts before bouncing away from the goal.

A game consists of two 10-minute running time halves. After a 3-minute halftime break, the two teams change sides for the 2nd half. Each team is allowed one 30 second time-out per game (the game clock will remain running during the timeout). Timeouts are not permitted with 3 minutes or less remaining in each half.

Substitutions can be made during the course of the game. The outgoing and incoming players must touch sticks while at least one of the two players is off the field; an outgoing player must immediately exit the playing area. Substitutions can happen anywhere around the perimeter of the field, provided it is not interfering with games at adjacent fields. Substitution violations will result in a Technical foul.


  • Boys: Stick, Mouthguard, Helmet, and Pads (shoulder, rib, and forearm as desired)
  • Girls: Stick, Mouthguard, and Eyewear

The field is 50 yards long by 30 yards wide, with the single goal anchored in the middle of the field. There are TAKE BACK lines that are 20 yards from the goal line in each direction and extend the width of the field. There is an elliptical RESTRICTED AREA that extends 10 yards in both directions from the goal line. At the goal line, the RESTRICTED AREA is 10 feet wide. The RESTRICTED AREA reduces gradually in width as it moves further from the goal.

A coin toss will determine which team gets possession of the ball to start the game. The team that wins possession will put the ball in play from behind their TAKE BACK line. The other team gets first alternate possession, normally possession after the half.