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Have an interest in becoming a lacrosse official and supporting the growth of lacrosse in the area?

In order to continue the growth of lacrosse in our region we're in need of officials. Additional games, tournaments and scrimmages require officials to provide their necessary and valued services. You are not only providing an official service, but are also helping educate our players about the rules and regulations of the sport and aid in maintaining good sportsmanship.

USA Lacrosse can provide you, or anyone intereseted in officiating,  with all the resources you need in order to support your local lacrosse organization.

Steps to becoming an official are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Let USA Lacrosse Know Who You Are - Share your contact information with us and we'll help you get connected with an officials organization in your area to begin your journey.
  2. Join USA Lacrosse - USA Lacrosse has a suite of benefits to help you, from access to best-in-class training opportunities, insurance coverage, a free rule book and more.
  3. Get Certified - USA Lacrosse offers comprehensive training, education and certification for all officials.

Link below to kick off your journey to becoming a USA Lacrosse Official.


Current pay scale below for officials.

  Girls Boys
Level 1 Official 2 Officials 3 Officials 1 Official 2 Official 3 Officials
Varsity $90 $67.50 - $90 $70 $50
JV $80 $40 - $70 $50 -
14U $70 $35 - $50 $40 -
12U $50 $25 - $40 $30 -
10U - - - - - -

* Rates above are for each official.

** Officials working 3 or more games/day may receive travel compensation.

*** Mileage is paid at $.25/mile from home city to jamboree city.

**** $125/night hotel compensation when officiating assigned games more than 75 miles away.